The FLASHAAR® brand

A synonym for future-oriented comprehensive solutions.

FLASHAAR LEDLight will concentrate its future activities in the area of LED lighting under the brand name FLASHAAR®.
This established trademark stands for an excellent product spectrum with high utilisation while also accommodating for continual growth.
FLASHAAR®  is considered in Germany and increasingly in neighbouring countries such as Italy, France, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, to be the embodiment of excellent products and services around the fascination called light.
A guarantee for our success is an uncompromising product quality, maximum reliability,and perceptible delivery reliability.
Already validated through numerous projects, FLASHAAR® strongly focuses on the technical solution of special illumination challenges. Through this focus, the system plan in consideration with functionality and cost-effectiveness, achieves top priority.
The brand FLASHAAR® is considered a synonym for future-oriented performance, which stands for excellent engineering and consulting, innovative LED products and premium LED illumination solutions. For our customers, these sophisticated solutions are advantageous according to our principle: "We are your LightGuide".


The NauticProfil® brand

Synonymous with the most versatile LED profile system on the market.

Under the NauticProfil® brand, FLASHAAR LEDLight offers a LED profile system with an unique range of applications.
NauticProfil® is representative of anextensive system building kit that consists of many different individual components that can be combined to form ready-to-connect system luminaires.

The FLASHAAR® NauticProfil® system offers you the creative freedom you need to best meet your lighting needs. Enormous flexibility with maximum quality and reliability ar guaranteed.