FLASHAAR: Lighting all along the line

High-quality and energy-efficient LED lamps – developed to individual customer specifications and manufactured in Bingen am Rhein – that's what FLASHAAR LEDLight stands for. Our LED profile systems have been used to stage historic buildings and modern architecture as well as to realise functional lighting and extraordinary design concepts for more than 10 years. The Alte Brücke (Old Bridge) in Heidelberg and the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, the redesigned Rhein-Nahe-Eck and the representative buildings for ZDF, Boehringer Ingelheim and Karl Köhler are just a few of the notable reference projects we have implemented. Lighting designers and architects, hotel designers and outfitters in the super-yacht sector employ FLASHAAR ‘Made in Germany’ products – throughout Germany and internationally.

FLASHAAR draws on the many projects it realises to develop scalable modular system kits for aesthetically demanding indoor and outdoor lighting. NauticProfil® and MiniLine are the company's current core products – the choice of profiles, light fittings and LED lines continues to grow steadily. Rapid and easy planning and configuration, plug+play installation without elaborate cabling and the uncomplicated replacement of modules are just a few of the benefits that the NauticProfil range delivers. Lines of light that are up to 66 metres long may be created from just one power point. We achieve further advances – particularly in the areas of energy efficiency, light quality and lighting technology – through ongoing research and development activities.

We bring our experience in the design, implementation and production of LED lighting systems to your projects. The fact that development and manufacturing are both directly based at our location in Bingen am Rhein means that engineers and production are constantly in touch with each other, which in turn guarantees great flexibility during order processing. We are able to supply project-specific special lamps in more than one million conceivable combinations in the same quality and delivery times as series-produced lamps. All made possible by sophisticated processes and qualified employees, state-of-the-art production equipment and comprehensive quality-assurance measures.

FLASHAAR is your partner for lighting all along the line – let's talk about your project.