For the well-being of the staff - The staff restaurant of Boehringer

Already from the outside, the staff restaurant of Boehringer Ingelheim is a source of attraction when the large dining room is staged with coloured LED lights from the stylised trees. Here the special lamps by FLASHAAR® demonstrate their solution competence in many places.

The basis of the impressive light spectacle consists of PowerLED modules in the fundamental colours red, green and blue, as well as white. Four LED units illuminate the “stem” from the base of the pillar with raking light, and four additional units on the outer ring of the light dome highlight the “branches” in colour. Spots with halogen metal vapour lamps take care of the general illumination. Each of these spots, attached to a swivel/tilt joint, consists of altogether eight PowerLED modules in red, green, blue and white with spot and groove lenses for the expansion to 10° x 40° angle of radiation as well as a Dali constant current converter.

Chains for specialists

Hidden behind the bar counter in the lounge are 15 LED chains in daylight white that are controlled via LED dimmers. The altogether 1,350 individual light spots ensure homogeneity and brightness.

The “Barista” counter is the highlight on the first floor. A hidden cove with interlinked LED strip modules in warm white accentuates the bottom edge of the counter. A combination of converter and PWM dimmer also ensures perfect control here.

Owner: Boehringer Ingelheim
Architect: BM+P GbR Hesse Haselhoff
Lighting: Boehringer Ingelheim Projekt Team
in Cooperation with:
FLASHAAR® Ingenieure GmbH
Realisation: 2008
Product group:


Diversity is the key

These special illumination solutions are part of the extensive illumination in the staff restaurant and were developed by the creative Boehringer-Ingelheim project team in cooperation with the planning office FLASHAAR® Ingenieure GmbH.
Due to the LED-specific properties of the illumination solution, it is often also possible to implement ideas that are not realisable with conventional illuminants.

LEDs score a variety of points

PowerLEDs also prove their abilities at the starter bar as well as on the two-tiered dessert buffet. On a curved and folded aluminium profile, the “spine”, tiltable tabs were installed. These incorporate the LED modules in warm white with a spot and a groove lens for broader light distribution. Constant oltage converters as well as the LED dimmers are installed below the counter. With the different alignment of the tabs (30° and 60° incline), the counters are excellently illuminated on two levels.

The LED chains on the “BI-Vital” counter also offer large user benefits due to their LED-specific properties. Strict demands were made on the energy consumption of the 15 LED chains: two constant voltage converters with 100 Watt are sufficient for their operation. The altogether 900 LED light spots only require 170 Watt connected load.