Haus der Immobilie Braunschweig

The coloured staging of the facade is done from inside the building with the window louvre lamellae that are illuminated from below. The reflection of the individual lamellae creates an extensive overall impression.

The RGB-NauticProfil® system of the Enterprise type was flushmounted in the provided floor channels expressly for that purpose. The 30° linear lenses guarantee directed uplight across the respective entire length of the window.
Different lighting scenarios and sequences are programmed into the system and can be called depending on the event and desired design.

Project details  
Owner: Volksbank eG Braunschweig Wolfsburg
Architect: O.M. Architekten BDA
Lighting: Keydel Bock Ingenieure GmbH
Photograph: Sascha Gramann
Realisation: 2009
Product group: