Icewine Monument Bingen

The Icewine Monument is a monument to the rather accidental discovery of this golden wine delicacy in Bingen-Dromersheim. Grapes that were frozen yet had a high Oechsle degree were once used by Bingen vintners to create a precious wine. Donated by Weinsenat Binger Mäuseturm e.V., it was created after a design of Bingen architect Britta Dickescheid, a lifelike bronze casting replica of a vine with ice wine grapes.
The cool daylight white light produced by the PowerSpot Cubes strengthens the impression of ice-cold frosty nights. Ice wine is picked and pressed at temperatures below -7 °C. The result is a highly concentrated, very sweet wine.

Project details  
Owner: Weinsenat Binger Mäuseturm e.V.
Bingen am Rhein
Architect: Britta Dickescheid
Bingen am Rhein
Lighting: FLASHAAR® Ingenieure GmbH
Realisation: 2009
Product group: customized