Josef-Eberle-Brücke in Rottenburg

From conception to reality
– energy-efficient LED line lights

The new Josef-Eberle-Brücke is an important connection into the wonderful medieval city centre of Rottenburg on the Neckar River. The bridge swings itself elegantly across the river with a three-part element consisting of prestressed concrete. The main part of the bridge consists of a prestressed concrete slab which is 60 cm thick. From the edges of the bridge to the abutments, the profile is tapered.  "The extremely limited construction height for the superstructure of the bridge is reached through the use of modern construction technologies and pre-stressed concrete composed of high-strength concrete“, explains Mr. Straub from the leading engineering company Werner Sobek in Stuttgart.

“The result of the entire construction is fantastic,” confirmed Rottenburg's mayor in his speech on the occasion of the opening of the bridge on 26 June 2010 at the Old Town Festival. Thousands of visitors were elated and strolled over the new pedestrian and bicycle bridge the entire evening. “The simple elegance is impressive,” stated Wolfgang Brodbeck from the construction company Gottlob Brodbeck GmbH & Co. KG in Metzingen.

Project details  
Owner: Stadt Rottenburg am Neckar
Engineering office: Werner Sobek Stuttgart
GmbH & Co. KG
Light planning: FLASHAAR® LEDLight
GmbH & Co. KG
Building construction: Gottlob Brodbeck
GmbH & Co. KG
Photograph: P. Rainer Mozer
Realisation: 2010
Product group: IP 63


"We need a visually attractive ambiance with sufficient brightness for more security“, these were the demands of the representatives of the city of Rottenburg on the lighting-design. In order to conduct as little maintenance as possible, a special long-lasting illuminant was asked for, whose energy consumption should be sparing. "The challenges of this project are demanding, since we have high humidity due to the Neckar River on the one hand, and on the other, the area was affected by floodings in former times. With every change of the lamps, the danger that the lights become permeable lurks“ explains Swen Flashaar.
Constant humidity at hand and energy efficiency were both central points a solution should be found for when installing an illumination in the handrail of the new bicycle bridge in Rottenburg. "The width of the bridge is not unimportant. We must work with secondary optics, in order to achieve an optimum illumination at minimal energy use“, explains Swen Flashaar.

In close cooperation with the engineering company Werner Sobek, the product of choice was NauticProfil® from the house of FLASHAAR®. The crucial factors were, next to the Plug & Play mounting principle and the flat cable in this system (which in turn makes an electrical feed-in into the illumination system at each end of the bridge possible), also the lack of required maintenance, the longevity and the significant energy saving potential of the LEDs.

All of the necessary lighting details for the NauticProfil® system were determined via multiple detailed illumination calculations and a 1:1 model assembly. The results were clear:
  • Colour temperature warm white, 3000°K
  • 180 lm/m
  • Beam angle 90°
  • setting angle of the NauticProfil® in the handrail 30°