Herkules Kassel

The castle-like Herkules in Kassel was built from 1701 until 1717 following the design of Giovanni Francesco Guerniero from Italy. The complete facilities incl. the cascades in front of the Herkules are also called Karlsberg after the builder, Landgrave Karl of Hessen- Kasseland. They are a partial Baroque aspect with regard to the area as well as structural history and complete the Wilhelmshöhe mountain park on the western side.  Since 2013, the Wilhelmshöhe mountain park including the statue of Herkules is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

 Special lamps based on the Polarstern LED series are used in parts of the landmark of the city of Kassel and guarantee maintenance-free and at the same time energy-saving lighting according to DIN standards.

Project details  
Owner: MHK Museumslandschaft Hessen
Schloss Wilhelmshöhe
Architect: Dr. Krekeler Generalplaner GmbH
Brandenburg an der Havel
Lighting: Faszination Licht
Dipl.-Ing. Oskar Winter
Realisation: 2011
Product group: customized