Palais Frankfurt

Between modern architecture and the romance of the Baroque, the event location „Palais Frankfurt“ offers numerous possibilities for extraordinary meetings. A special highlight is the large meeting hall Sala Grande with 1,200 square meters. It provides space for exclusive events, product presentations, conventions or concerts.

More than 120 linear meters of installed HighPowerProfil-2 RGBW lamps made by FLASHAAR® allow multifunctional lighting of the event area.

Project details  
Owner: Palais Management GmbH
(Gesellschafter Klaus Peter Kofler, Alex Ursenau, Micky Rosen)
Frankfurt am Main
Interior architect:
Stilbruch United Designers
Michael Müller Wiesbaden
Lighting planning: Stilbruch United Designers
Michael Müller Wiesbaden
Realisation: 2011
Product group: