Trifolion - A centre of culture

The “Trifolion”, the new centre for culture, social events and conferences, is located in the heart of the Luxembourg town of Echternach, directly across from the impressive basilica. The impressive new building, inaugurated in 2008, clearly distinguishes itself from its surroundings. In different parts of the building, LED modules by FLASHAAR® create attractive contrasts.

A five-storey building was erected on the grounds of a former monastery and provides modern surroundings for the most varied events on a space of 8,500 m² with its exemplary infrastructure. The name of the building is composed of the Latin syllable “tri” for the number three and “folion” for leaf. This “triple leaf” idea symbolises the three pillars on which the centre‘s utilisation concept is based: culture, tourism and conventions.

Multivarious use

The Trifolion features a concert hall with up to 700 seats. Its acoustic is perfectly suited for live events of all kinds. The auditorium has permanent seating in the nave and flexible seating on the side galleries. This also results in multifarious utilisations in the event sector. A second hall with a large round gallery provides a nice location for events with up to 300 guests. The complex also features different-sized rooms for seminars and workshops, which allow flexible and comfortable utilisation thanks to their multimedia equipment. The foyer, whose numerous windows convey an impression of vastness, can be redesigned at wish with mobile counters and movable walls, futhermore allowing a variety of uses.

The atrium is the core of the building

The “Atrium”, the concert hall with a cubature of 8,500 m³, is equipped with the most modern stage and acoustic technology. The core of the Trifolion has a movable platform that can also be adjusted in height and provides space for orchestras with up to 120 musicians. Dual-focus downlights integrated in the ceiling with their dimmable halogen low-voltage technology allow the utilisation-specific illumination of the concert hall.

Elliptic contours traced with FLASHAAR® SpaceLED

The line light of the forum, integrated in the walls and ceilings, was realised with the FLASHAAR® SpaceLED system. The dimmable LowPower LED modules can be installed without tools, are energy-efficient, and ideally suited for the illumination of complex contours. “The daylight-white tracing light of the coves underlines the external geometry of the hall architecture and emphasises the ellipse geometry joining the room zones”, is how Wilfried Flashaar explains the idea behind this illumination detail. In addition, halogen low-voltage downlights installed in the ceiling add light accents to the floor area.

A cultural centre with an unmatched atmosphere

With the Trifolion, the town of Echternach and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg have created a new and modern cultural centre which is unmatched in the region. The light installations with the innovative components supplied by FLASHAAR® design an essential part of the incomparable atmosphere.

Project details  
Centre Culturel et Touristique
Echternach a.s.b.l.
Planning: Niederweis, Echternach
Lighting: FLASHAAR® Ingenieure GmbH
Bingen am Rhein
Realisation: 2008
Product group:


RGB LED-chains ensure a nice light atmosphere

The walls of the hall are designed with horizontal rectangular wall panels with circumferential shadow gaps. RGB LED-chains are installed in the gaps of the around 50 offset wall panels. Depending on the utilisation of the room or reather the desired mood, the panels can be immersed in unicoloured or alternating multi-coloured light. “The applied RGB chains are perfectly suited for background illuminations in the architecture, because the flat design height allows installation even in the smallest gaps”, says Wilfried Flashaar of the Bingen illumination specialist FLASHAAR®, who is in charge of planning the entire illumination installations. The COB-technology of the LEDs also enables a broad radiation angle of 140° and ensures homogeneous illumination.

Imaginative illumination effects

The forum on the first floor gives the building a special flair with its imaginative illumination effects on the ceiling. It is often lovingly referred to as “starry sky”. The decorative optical fibre ornaments give the room a festive character, which is why it is preferably used for exclusive receptions.

Backlit opal glass sets accents

The bottom of the wall in the foyer staircase is designed with filigree, rectangular granite disks with inserted white, offset opal glass panes. These are backlit with LED strips with daylight-white light and give the vertical alignment of the granite elements an additional accent. Compact LED spotlights with an attached 60° lens additionally illuminate the walking area of the staircase.

Seemingly spreading across the storeys, there are small, vertically aligned rectangular windows. “With the LED uplights integrated flush in the windowsills, the reveals are immersed in alternating coloured light, which gives them a special dynamic”, describes Wilfried Flashaar this architectural detail.