ZDF Mainz

Meistermann hall
Travel service office

Meistermann hall:
The conversion of the on-site downlight built into the ceiling that is fitted with conventional 35W low-voltage lamps to Pharox MR16 lamps resulted in clear savings in operating and maintenance costs.

Travel service office:
The NauticProfil system Polarstern creates a pleasant warm white and soft light from the cove lighting in the ceiling of the building. The high luminous power of the Polarstern series ensures efficient and energy-saving basic lighting for the new premises of ZDF Reisedienst. They are integrated seamlessly in the existing BUS system and various light-scenes can be selected.

Poject details  
Owner: ZDF, Mainz
Lighting: FLASHAAR® Ingenieure GmbH
Realisation: 2010
Product group: